May 24, 2017

Road Trip to the Past - Day 3: “Getting Gettysburg” or “A Civil War Side Trip”

Being history buffs, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Gettysburg. Having watched several movies about the battle, and read a few books, we felt we knew the broad strokes. We purchased one of the driving tour CDs and spent the day driving the route.

It’s interesting being from the south where most of the fighting took place. Tennessee is strewn with battlefields, memorials, markers and plaques. Gettysburg is a distilled form of that. Next to the memorial for the Tennessee Regiments was a couple in Civil Was dress. Not employed by the park, they take it upon themselves to dress up and pose of pictures for visitors as a hobby.

I didn’t have any ancestors at Gettysburg. Neither did my wife. But knowing the impact of the battle, that everyone at the time heard about it, and that many of the people we were researching were alive in 1863, it was fascinating to visit the epicenter for the event of that year.

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