March 12, 2010

Random, Bouncy, Nonsensical Syllables

Until I was a teenager, I honestly thought my grandparents' given names were "Maw" and "Paw". When my sister gave birth to my parents' first grandchild, one of the first orders of business was to decide what the newly dubbed grandparents would be called. They decided on "Nana" and "Paw".

Grandparent names are just as random, bouncy, nonsensical syllables as "momma" and "dadda." But they are much more diverse and meant to be just as cute as the child that will be using them.

So, let's hear them. What are your silly grandparent names?


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Anonymous said...

Grampy & Nana Grace and
Mimi & Paw-Paw.
But grand parents are not the only ones with random, bouncy names! We had a great aunt in Richmond, VA. that we called "Aunt Burr." As an adult I found out that it evolved from "Murr" or what should have been Mary!