December 1, 2008


When the kids grow up, move out and get married, it becomes more and more rare that the whole family is together for Thanksgiving. This year was one of those rare years for my family. And since our grandmother passed away a few months ago, we decided to utilize this opportunity to go through her tiny, grandmother-sized house together and see if there was anything we each wanted to keep.

For many families, an event like this has the potential for arguments and hurt feelings. But for us, it went very well. I think it is due to the fact that me and my siblings are quite different. While they mostly looked for practical things that they could use or needed, I focused on finding objects with sentimental value. We all collected an heirloom here and a keepsake there, a family Bible here and a doily there. We all laughed and reminisced as we dug through the mementos.

This will be a Thanksgiving I’ll always remember.

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